GRENKE Chess Classic 2019

This event has expired

The tournament will be held from 20-29 April, 2019. Before the Open events in categories A, B and C kicked off on Thursday evening, lots or colours were drawn for the GRENKE Chess Classic at the Congresshalle in Karlsruhe. Prodigy, Vincent Keymer (pictured) was the last to walk the stage and pull out the number 5. Earlier Magnus Carlsen, who was the first to make a pick, had revealed the number 6. This means the inaugural round is to witness a clash between the top and the bottommost seeds of the event on Easter Saturday with Carlsen taking the white side of the board.

Rules & regulations

The tournament will be held from 20-29 April, 2019.

Venue: Schwarzwaldhallte Karlsruhe (rounds 1 to 5), Kulturhaus LA8 Baden-Baden (rounds 6 to 9)

Time control: 100 min/40 moves + 50 min/20 moves + 15 min/rest of the game with a 30 sec increment from move 1

Draws: No draw offers before move 40

Tiebreakers: 1. Number of wins, 2. Number of wins with Black, 3. Head-to-head score

In case of a tie for first place: 2 games with 10 min + 2 sec a move; then if needed 2 games with 5 min + 2 sec a move; finally a game with 6 min for White and 5 min for Black (in case of a draw Black wins)

Default time: 30 minutes

Tournament Directors: Christian Bossert and Sven Noppes (FIDE Arbiter)

Live commentary: Peter Leko and Jan Gustafsson

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Start Time

4:00 pm

20th April 2019

Finish Time

9:00 pm

1st May 2019


Kulturhaus LA8 Baden-Baden

Event Participants