Magnus Carlsen Invitational

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The Magnus Carlsen Invitational sees the World Chess Champion challenge seven of his biggest rivals to a 2-week, $250,000 battle. The 8-player online event starting April 18th will fill the current void in top-level chess, and indeed sport in general, allowing chess fans to get back to watching the best players each day. Every move will be streamed live on chess24, complete with commentary in 9 languages.

The $250,000 event starts on April 18th and ends on May 3rd, with the following format:

  • 8 players first compete in a single round-robin over 7 rounds
  • Each match features four 15+10 rapid games, where the winner gets 3 match points & the loser 0
  • If the match ends 2:2 an Armageddon game (5 vs. 4 minutes) is played, with the winner getting 2 points and the loser 1
  • The top four players after Round 7 enter the Final Four knockout – if match points are equal, game points are the first tiebreaker
  • The semi-finals, 3rd place match and final use the same 4-game match system and decide the overall winner

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Start Time

12:00 am

18th April 2020

Finish Time

12:00 am

3rd May 2020

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