Ege Erkol Chess Rising Stars 3

Ege Erkol


Ege is an experienced teacher and chess player with a peak ECF rating of 1854. He has competed in chess clubs and individual tournaments both in the United Kingdom and Turkey, winning individual and school team awards.

Ege has taught more than one hundred students since 2018, passing on his 15 years of chess experience. He specialises in teaching children aged 5-12, as this was when he was taught chess too!


“Ege is a truly excellent teacher. He puts in an exceptional amount of effort, patience and thought which has helped my son to excel at chess. He has vast experience tutoring kids and adults and he has been the perfect teacher for our family.” Max, London

“Ege is a gifted tutor who made chess easy to understand for me. He is passionate in teaching and patient with his students at all times. I think he is a great tutor if you wish to learn more about chess.” Diana, London


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