Achievements of our students


LJCC Finals Qualifiers 2021

U12 Major Antoine T. (5/6) * Leon R. (4.5)
U12 Minor Rangan I. (3.5) * Arnav K. (3.5) * Matthew T. (3.5)
U10 Major Sachin K. (5) * George R. (4.5)
U10 Minor Wesley C. (3.5) * Olivier G. (3.5)
U8 Major Sachin K. (6) * Aden K. (6)

Delancey UKCC 2021

Clubs & Associations Championship
Overall Standings
Chess Rising Stars London Academy = 3rd Place

UKCC Gigafinals Qualifiers 2021

U12 Rangan I. (4/6)  *  U12 Hector M. (4) * U12 Rui T. (4)
U12 Nikos A. (4) * U12 Ritvik K. (3.5) * U12G Aiyana S. (3.5)
U10 Wesley C. (5) * U10 Antoine T. (4.5) * U10 Arnav K. (4.5)
U10 Leon R. (4) * U10 Olivier G. (4) * U10G Angharad FJ. (4)
U8 Aden K. (5) * U8 Mohand A. (5) * U8 Rian K. (4)
U8 Sachin K. (3.5) * U8 Arjun P. (3.5)

LJCC Qualification Tournaments 2021

Oxfordshire U8 Aden K. (6/6) 1st
Wey Valley U8 Sachin K. (6/6) 1st

3rd Girls’ Online Chess Tournament 2021

1st Aiyana S. (6/6)                        2nd Keira M. (5)                    3rd Jananika R. (4)


15th Chess Rising Stars Online Camp 2021

1st Rangan I. (Sharks Group)  *   Most improved Leon R. (Sharks Group)  *  1st Pablo C. (Whales Group)
1st George R. (Dolphins Group)


LJCC Lite Finals 2020

U8 Aden K. (5/7)   5th place out of 79

1st Girls’ Online Chess Tournament 2020

1st Aiyana S. (6/6)

Wey Valley Winter Rapidplay 2022

U12 Arnav K (5.5/6) 1st

ChessKid UK Championships 2021

Y5-6 Rangan I. (5/7) 6th=
Matthew T. (4.5)
Y1-4 Aden K. (5.5) 9th=
Sachin K. (5)


What our students say about Chess Rising Stars London Academy


Maria S.


“ Thank you Maria! Each day my daughter is more confident and happy to play chess. I am so proud of her and you are her inspiration. She likes you so much and is very pleased that you are her 1st chess teacher!”


Susie A.


“Maria has been teaching my two daughters for over one year now and always manages to keep them engaged and looking forward to their lessons.”


Christie V.


“… Maria and her staff are absolutely fabulous for beginners and have guided my daughter through the beginning stages of the game and now she is playing in tournaments …”


Hector M.


“… super friendly, patient, knows so much about the game and helps me improve my playing style. I have just learned how to use the French Defense and I am already winning more games as a result. Can’t wait for my next lesson!!”


Elise M.


Michael is always finding creative and fun ways to improve my chess. Even if I lose a game, he stays positive. It’s thanks to him I won my first chess tournament. Michael is really friendly and entertaining.”


Luca S.

Turin, Italy

“While working with Chris, I have had the chance to experience the multifaceted richness of chess. Chris pays attention to the deep knowledge chess requires and the beauty of the game … a good mentor and helpful teacher.”


Federica G.


“Having tried different qualified chess masters, we think Maria offers not only high personal qualifications but an engaging teaching approach which makes every lesson enjoyable and stimulating. My son is now in the chess team of his school …”

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