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Chess Rising Stars Academy
6th July 2019

” The real talent is the ability to work hard…”

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Chess Rising Stars Academy
24th June 2019

FIDE Candidates Tournament Winners

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Chess Rising Stars Academy
5th June 2019

The Norway Chess revolution starts Monday

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Chess Rising Stars Academy
5th June 2019

Top Chess Engine Championship (TCEC)

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Chess Rising Stars Academy
8th May 2019

Conclusions from 2019 GRENKE Chess Classic

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Chess Rising Stars Academy
29th April 2019

May is Women’s Chess Month at Hammersmith

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GRENKE Chess Classic 2019
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Kulturhaus LA8 Baden-Baden

The tournament will be held from 20-29 April, 2019. Before the Open events in categories A, B and C kicked off on Thursday evening, lots...

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“ Maria is a an excellent teacher. My parents got me a lessons with coach Maria, I have enjoyed her lessons very much. She talks at a good pace and explains very well as he goes a long.... ”


“ I like Marias’s training and it’s definitely worth the price! Her coaching looks like the best! I recommended her to all of my friends at the club.”


"...her lessons are very clear and have a point in every one! Her homework is equally instructive. She speaks very fluent English. She is one of the best coaches you will ever meet in London!.."


"My son Anthony loves Maria's chess lessons very much and I am very pleased wit her teaching approach ... Thank you Maria..."


"My daughter Susan is very much a beginner, yet Maria was able to pitch the lesson at exactly the right level and explain areas on which she needed to focus clearly and succinctly. Thank you Maria..."

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