Vinay Vekharia

Vinay Vekaria


Vinay started his chess career by playing (and promptly losing to!) his brother from the age of 6. His classical ECF rating at its peak stands at 1954 and he has gained almost 1000 online ELO points since 2019. Vinay became the UCL Chess Society President in 2021.

Vinay’s competitive experience ranges from several Hammersmith Congresses, to captaining UCL within the London League and playing in the Maastricht Open in 2023. He defeated GM Simon Williams in a PUCL simul in 2021 and has since beaten further titled players both over the board and online. As an active competitive player, he is able to communicate this wealth of experience to his students.

Vinay has taught chess for almost two-and-a-half years, supporting children of all ages and abilities.


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